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The Stories of the Blue Sword

Stories summaries

The Dolphin and La Louve
A girl raised by the wolves, and a boy raised by dolphin, meet each others. Can love go beyond the limit of the language and the social structure? This Story can be seen as the first in chronology, or the last.

Legends of the Blue Sword
Legends about this unnatural weapon.

0- Before the Story

The Dance
Two outcast persons, considered as specials because of paranormal abilities, meet each other and fall in love. This is the Story of main hero grandparents, Frederich Lilleraie and Aurore Landler.

The three Flights
Three wandering starship discover a new planet to live on and call it Terra III. Frederich and Aurore are onboard...

Vie de Flamme I : Spirit of Flamme
Frederich discover a new kind of intelligent life on Terra III, and use it on his last project.

Story of Harpie I : First flight
This Story tell about the past of Harpie, and how she lived between her Circle of Harpy

Story of Harpie I.I : Ellipse ~Live, Die, Fly~
A life of a Harpy, before the awakening of Harpie

Story of Link : The Illegible scroll of Destiny
This Story tell about the past of Link, and how he meet Adorya

Vie de Flamme II : Princess of Flamme
How the heir of the Flamme lineage meet Adorya

Crossover II : Story of Dahna & The fifth Book of Nyshael
The meeting between young Dahna and a powerful magician in a parallel world

Prelude to the Heroes
The teaser of the first Story

I- The Story Of the Blue Sword

The Story I : Heroes
Adorya, a young Runic Knight, is ordered to protect a country called Enrika against an army of monsters. He will meet Dahna, Valis, Link and Aurorya during his mission.

The Story I : A lesson of magic
What Aurorya learn from Link during their journey.

Story of Aurorya I : Welcome to Paradise
Aurorya is suddenly teleported to a new world ruled by a man that look like Adorya. He invite her to live with him in a perfect city...

The Story II : Friendship
Adorya's first mission completed, he retire himself in a peaceful island with Aurorya. But strange events are happening around her, and the arrival of Alisia who claim to be his and Valis daughter bring more trouble.

Story of Aurorya II : Psychic War I
Aurorya find out that a Spirit live in her mind and want to take control of her body. She will fight it with the help of Adorya.

Story of Adorya I : Metropolis Enrika
During his 1st mission, Adorya is teleported by mistake in a futuristic Enrika.

Story of Alisia : The Girl of the Dragons
This Story tell about the life of Alisia, daughter of Adorya and Valis in a parallel world.

Story of Aurorya III : The Enemy
Aurorya will discover who is threatening her and sent the Spirit against her.

Story of the Twins
The Stories of Aurorya and Adorya's twin daughters, how they slip each other in parallels worlds.

Story of Elizia : The Goddess of Time
One of the daughter of Aurorya and Adorya is teleported a few years after the Three Flight timeline, she will meet Adorya's parents, and will discover her true meaning by meeting Aurore.

Story of Eolice : The Goddess of Space
One of the daughter of Aurorya and Adorya is teleported in a waterworld. She will meet a dolphin band and will discover her true meaning by meeting Unite.

The Story III : War
Enrika is invaded again, and Adorya is called to help. He knows that the one who is behind those invasions is powerful, and perhaps a Rune Knight...

Story of Elena : The Golden Clover
The Story of Link of Valis daughter, who was born in a parallel world. Time travel specialist, she will meet her fate by meeting her parents in their youth.

Story of Adorya II / Vie de Flamme III : Sword of Flamme
One of the heir of the Flamme lineage go on a journey to take revenge on the one who betrayed her parents

The Story IV : Wanderings
What happen when all heroes are death, when hope has left their heart? This Story tell about the unfortunate end of the heroes after the Third Great Enrika War.

Story of Harpie II : The Magician Tower
Aurorya is wandering mindlessly in the world after Adorya's death, and let Harpie take her body control. She will eventually roam into a tower, wounded, and meet a strange magician...

Story of Aurorya IV : Wanderings before the fly
Adventures of Aurorya while she wander after her love's death. She will then disappear from the world ever after.

Quest of Mélancholie : The Black Butterfly
Aurorya's third daughter is looking for her mother, Liens, the son of Valis and Link, Nassy and Dastaelia, the childs of Dahna and Stassy and a mysterious girl will join her in her journey.

Story of Nassy and Dastaelia : Decadence of the Blood
The sequel of Quest of Mélancholie, with Nassy and Dastaelia as main characters.

Vie de Flamme IV : Flake of flamme
The story of one of the children of Flamme lineage, during the Story IV

Story of Aurorya V : Psychic War II
Parallel sequel of Decadence of the Blood, with Aurorya as main character. She will confront another Spirit who took control of her body after her wanderings.

Story of Adorya III : Divine power, divine stray
How Adorya was revived from his death and enslaved by a god. Considered as his avatar, he will wander in the world to extend the god's power.

Story of Dahna Siteris Tanja Roh, Shaman of the Tribunal : The last stride of a wolf
The parallel life of Dahna after her death in the Third Great Enrika War.

Story of Lineley : Before the Gathering
The Story about a nursemaid during the King Enrik III reign in Enrika.

The Story V : All of The Stories
Aurorya return and find out that another enemy is setting an army to invade Enrika, using fallen villains. She will travel in time and space to gather heroes and confront him.

The Gathering of the Heroes
This Story shows the meetings of Aurorya with the heroes from time and space.

Story of Aurorya VI : Psychic War III - The 4rth Power
Aurorya confront the final Spirit during the Fourth Great Enrika War

Story of Adorya IV : Past and Future
Adorya, after his revival, will seek new power in order to face the new enemy. His search will lead him to his origin...

Vie de Flamme V : Star of Flamme
Aurorya invite the last child of the Flamme to join her in her battle against the enemy. Star will also try to break the curse that have been laid upon his family for so many centuries.

The Story VI : End of The Story

This Story tell about what happen after the Fourth Great Enrika War, the departure of all the heroes and the destiny's end of the main characters.

Story of Adoryan : The Book
The last son of Mélancholie and Liens adventures

Story of Stassy and Dahna : Mirror
Their final decision in the Story VI

Story of Link and Valis : The Eternal Duet
Their final decision in the Story VI

Story of Harpie III : Return of the Queen – Epilogue : Back to the Tower
Harpie will go on a journey to find out what happened to her Circle that she left when she was young.

Story of Harpie IV : Simelia
The Story of Harpie's daughter, and how she will manage to live in the world of the humans

Story of Aurorya VII : Aurorya's Choice
Her final decision in the Story VI

Story of Aurorya VII : Ellerthe ~Between Earth and Hell~
While struggling during her choice, Aurorya decide to set in a place where she could think in peace, and with the help of an orphan, begin to create a city...

Story of Adorya et Aurorya : Under the feather and the wind
The epilogue of Adorya and Aurorya's Story

II- Worlds of The Story

The Crystal : Eternal Return
Happen during the Story of Adorya III, when a young girl called Aelyu discover one of the piece of Adorya's Crystal. She will set on a journy to retrieve all of them. She will meet a warrior and a magician who will help her to gather them.

The Crystal II : Fate of the Crystal
Many years after the encounter with the Crystal, adult Aelyu will set again on a journey to retrieve some missing parts of the Crystal which is no longer wield by his original possessor. Each part of it is now owned by one specific person, and their reunion would cause power or destruction...

Story of Alys Seesea and Déesse : The Curse of the Sword
What happen to one of the Crystal part owner at the end of Crystal II, who meet a Spirit of Aurorya.

Monochromie : Blanche
The end of The Curse of the Sword, from the Sword perspective.

The Run
A runner meet his destiny while running, refreshing his memories of the past in order to choose his future.

The Train
A small boy, waiting alone in a train, meet a young girl who want to play with him. As the travel goes on, mysteries will occurs.

Crossover I : The Seven Sphere & the Story Of the Blue Sword
This Story tell the meetings between 2 heroes couple on a dream. But was it really a dream?

Beyond the Worlds : Unité
The Spirits of Aurorya finally united to become the avatar and messenger of Aurore, this Story tell about her travel outside Terra III, on others planes or times.

Before Unite departure from Terra III, each Spirit of Aurorya need to end the stories who link them with the planet. This Story tell how they felt about it.

Circle of Dragon (PLC 2004 version)
The meeting between a young girl and a dragon bride, where they talk about dragon tales...

Unite Project : Ode to the Three
A poem about the Three that cover the End of the Story

III- Making of


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