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What is a Visual Novel?

A Visual Novel is an interactive and multimedia story, embedding texts, images and sounds all together in the form of a software. Depending on the possible interactions, a Visual Novel can be from a simple text to read to a real game.

There are many free Visual Novel engine currently existing, but Ren'py was choosen due to his language being quite easy to understand and his helping community.


Monochromie : Blanche

A cold doll, embedded with the knowledge of the world. This is the VN version of an entry for the PenOfChaos Novel contest 2007. This year's theme was "The door".

Version française pour Windows
English version for Windows

Version française pour Mac
English version for Mac

Version française pour Linux
English version for Linux


Monochromie : Blanche Visual Novel Menu french version

Ingame screenshot exemple 1 french version

Ingame screenshot exemple 2 french version

~Live, Die, Fly~

Ellipse was made as an exercise to test the different features and capabilities of this Visual Novel Engine. It include :

- Reading, "savegame" signet insertion and loading, skipping mode, backreading, autoread.
- Image, zoom, transition and specials visual effects
- Music and sounds.
- Chapter I and Chapter II currently available.

Ellipse Visual Novel Menu

Ingame screenshot exemple 1

Ingame screenshot exemple 2

Ingame screenshot exemple 3

Version update :
05/01/2008 : Monochromie : Blanche release 1.0

18/10/2006 : Ellipse PLC 2006 demo version release 1.1
- Fixed credits roll timing

16/10/2006 : Ellipse PLC 2006 demo version release 1.0
- Full french version
- Added logos splashscreen
- Added credits roll

01/10/2006 : Ellipse demo version release 0.8
- Chapter II release english version + optional french script
- Added chapter title transition

25/08/2006 : Ellipse demo version release 0.5
- Chapter I release english version

15/08/2006 :
- French script done